Condolence & Memory Journal

She's all My Red! I met her while convalescing at Grant Cuesta Nursing home and knew her for a year after leaving the facility. She would call me at midnight while I was skating around Los Altos and Mountain View. She liked listening to the wheels and talking about shoes and ships and sealing-wax and cabbages and kings. She grew on me so much so that I feel a void now that she's made the transition. Our song was Galway Bay and she liked it when I sang her Gregorian Chants, particularly the Solemn Tone Salve Regina. She told me of a night dream she had of her and I as kids in a meadow catching lightning bugs and I made her a bracelet and necklace and she asked for a ring. (This was Red's night dream and she hadn't a night dream in twenty years at that time) I'm enchanted to have known and loved Red Oliver! God Love you, Red! I have that ring for you.

Posted by Joe Markenstein - Significant Other   May 22, 2022