Condolence & Memory Journal

Nothing really got easier they way they said it would. The way people tell you that time heals like it should. I talk to you more than I thought I would, mostly every time that Hannah comforts me, or talks jiberish or Additudison comes out. I find myself wanting to be in nature a lot more. I feel closer to you there.
We miss you dad, everyday. There is such a void. Watching the pain on the faces that I love most dearly, the memories that you're watching from afar. It didn't get any easier that is for sure.

Posted by Amanda F Holt - Family   October 16, 2021

Doug had a unique personality! Loved trucks and hunting. Italian food. His wonderful Wife Tammy treated him as the King of his Castle. Raised good children and Good looking too! God Bless

Posted by Susan Hartman - Eden Valley, CA - Friend   November 18, 2020

There was always so much I wanted to say to you and I am normally better with words than this... but it wasn't our style to be sad or heavy instead we would find something to laugh at. So when things get hard and the pain so heavy that I can't catch a breath, I look desperately for something to smile about. Today has been hard, as if seeing your smiling face in the paper was the thing that made it real for me. Turns out, I have just been avoiding it all together. Scrambling to make things how I think you'd want, saying the things I think you'd say and holding it together... even though I know you wouldn't. You wore your heart on your sleeve. If you were happy, we knew it. When you were sad, we knew it. You had a big ol' sappy heart that you didn't mind showing. Your compassion, love and ability to forgive and laugh are things I'll strive to achieve forever.
There are so many things I so desperately wanted you to be here for. I don't care that it's selfish, I just want my dad.
I love you so much, I'll remember you every time I was some piece and quite "Shhh pretend you're hunting" anytime I hear a bag of chips crinkle, when I see a jeep, or am in the beauty of nature. I'll think of you when our home smells of Christmas tree, or Nascar comes on. I'll remember your laugh when the girls do something funny or your boys do something stupid. I'll carry your heart with me, think of you joyfully and remember and miss you daily.
All my Love
Amanda Panda Baby Bear Cat

Posted by AMANDA - Daughter   October 25, 2020

The Bacchi family. It's with great sorrow to hear about Doug. I've known him since high school and met him through Ernie. Saw him last year and told me about his condition, my condolences to your family. He was a great guy

Posted by Diane Elwell - Burlingame, CA - Friend   October 21, 2020

I've been thinking about you and what I have left unsaid.
As I sit down to put my thoughts into words, I glance at the clock and, hand to God, it says 11:11. I take comfort in that because I know pop is cradling you tonight. I am greatful because I know you are not alone.
You have been in the pages of my memory for most of my life. I remember when Tammy first brought you to our home....I thought what could a guy met on el camino bring to our lives?
You were gruff and not very likeable..I had my doubts.
But you loved my sister like I did so I gave you a shot....
Through the years you remained steadfast in your love for her. Yours was a kind of love that lasts. The kind that folks dream about. You shared the firsts, the lasts, and everything in between and "stuck" through all of it.
You did what you we're supposed to do. Love and support your wife be there for your children and provided a space where they all felt loved. For that, I thank you.
You had to go away from us but as long as we have memories and stories to share, a part of you will always be here, with us.
Thank you Doug for the memories, for loving my sister, and for being "uniquely" you.

Posted by Rita Snirl - San Mateo, CA - Sister   October 18, 2020